cE Halo 5 1k!

Cutting Edge eSports is hosting a Halo 1k LAN Event.
4v4 Halo 5 LAN
1k prize pool at 8 teams
Double elimination
1st round and losers bracket best of 3 maps, winners round 2 and forward best of 5 maps.
April 28th
Location: 700 Generation Point, Kissimmee, FL 34744
Doors open at 7am (private entrance on the side of the building)
FFA Warm Up tournament: $10 per player to start at 8am
4v4 start at 9am
Stream: Twitch.tv/CuttingEdgeeSports
Passes: $240 per team purchased online at http://www.cuttingedgeesports.com/product/ce-halo-1k-team-pass/

Game Details
Randomly seeded brackets
Most recent HCS settings
team side section will be done by coin flip higher seeded team choices heads or tales winner of the flip picks which side they want to play on for the series.
LAN server will be hosted on 750TI, I5 desktop PC.
All of Winners bracket will be completed first to save time
Losers bracket will then follow. One side of the bracket will play first winners stays on until the next side of the bracket plays.
Teams will have 10mins to setup for the match from the time their team is called to the station. In the case of a no show an added 5mins will put put on the clock if team does not show within the allocated time they will be forfeited for the first map. Each map after will have another 5min timer added between.

Round 1: (winners and losers)
Capture the Flag- Truth, Slayer- The Rig, Strongholds- Plaza

Winners Round 2:
Capture the flag- Coliseum, Slayer- Plaza, Strongholds- Empire, Capture the Flag- Truth, Slayer- Coliseum

Winners Finals:
Strongholds- The Rig, Slayer- Truth, Capture the Flag-Coliseum, Strongholds- Plaza, Slayer- Regret

Losers round 2:
Strongholds- Eden, Slayers- Regret, Capture the Flag- Fathom.

Losers round 3:
Capture the Flag- Coliseum, Slayer-Plaza, Strongholds- Empire

Losers Finals:
Strongholds- Plaza, Slayer- The Rig, Capture the Flag- Truth
(If time allows will change to 5 maps)

Grand Finals:
Capture the Flag- Truth, Slayer- Plaza, Strongholds- Empire, Capture the Flag-Coliseum, Slayer- Regret.

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